Volunteering Post #1

Hey Everybody, Now, while I have been volunteering at different places for a couple of years, I never really talked about it with anyone. I decided that I'm going to start documenting these experiences just so I can see how I progress through the years. Introduction over, let's get on with the story! The first volunteering case that I will share with this website is Saturday's visit to the Gurdwara. To preface this, I am not Sikh, but I do like how they run their temples, how they welcome everybody, and overall just how charity and working together is a big part of their religion. My family and I went with some friends, whose sons I know from school. This was basically my first time seeing how Sikhism works, so these friends were pretty much my guides throughout the evening. After we donated some money to help run the place (usually done at the start of your visit to the Gurdwara), we started to help out in the kitchen. During the 1.5-2 hours we worked there, we sorted the plates, cups, and utensils, cleaned them, and put them back for continued use. While my two friends and I were working, we talked to many other people also working there. No one was hostile in any way towards us and were ready to talk about anything on the spot. The environment was very chill and you feel like you're good friends with everyone there. We also helped out after dinner (~9:30), but not for as much as we did earlier. Going to the Gurdwara was a new experience for me, and definitely one of my good starts. Everybody was there just to help each other, and you get a good feeling thinking about everyone and how you're helping them. Look forward to another Volunteering post soon, it may be something new! Bye!

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