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Hey guys, it's Shreya! The last time I wrote was pretty recent I think but here I am again sharing my events from the past few weekends and school days. So like 2 weeks ago I got asked by my math teacher to be a peer tutor and I was really excited about that. Anyways, this past Saturday my friends held a variety show for senior citizens at the CareOne at the Highlands. People from Wardlaw were asked if they wanted to volunteer and perform for these senior citizens, so I decided performing my previous solo. The video attached is my solo, (also if you wanna critique it go ahead, I know it's bad but at least it put a smile on their faces). I felt really happy knowing that I made them happy, it just gives you a lot of satisfaction, like it did to me, when you are a reason they're wearing a smile. There are 4 more days left of school and a half day on Friday before 2 weeks of Netflix show bingewatching, eating, and relaxing. I'm so so happy and Friday is going to be a really fun day with my friends. You see, we have a tradition every year, that the day we get out of school and winter break starts, we party and have fun together. So we're gonna watch a movie and have adventures in Target. Most of all, I'm really very excited for Las Vegas. We leave on the 26th and come back on New Years day. It's gonna be a hell of a party during winter break! I'll keep you guys updated, I'm sure there's going to be a lot for me to tell you guys!

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