Undefeated Division Champions

Just a few weeks ago our school's tennis team won the division undefeated, meaning that we beat every other team in our respective division without losing a single game. This is the second year in a row that we've won the division undefeated, which is a bit weird because we won the division two years ago, did not have a season last year due to the pandemic, and came back to win once more.

In the division that we were in, the teams that we played were in general easy to beat. Except for a few teams, including a rival that we barely ever beat in other sports, we won without many hiccups. Now that we have won the division twice in a row, we are looking to appeal to move up to a harder division, which hopefully comes through so the matches can be more fun.

One of my favorite parts of winning is the fact that if we win, the team gets to design and purchase a special jacket. Two years ago, we made a jacket that has a patch with two crossing tennis rackets, the words "Undefeated Division Champions," and our last names in stitching on the other side of the jacket. I've attached a picture of the patch that I'm talking about. I wonder what we'll do this year. Whatever we do, I'll be sure to post it whenever we get it!

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