The Bahamas

Hey guys! So spring break for us is two whole weeks, and I'm into the second week of spring break right now. The first week of spring break, as you can tell by the title, I went to the Bahamas with my family. We traveled to a famous resort called Atlantis (you've probably heard of it, the Bahamas are very famous for the Atlantis Resort). My five days consisted of staying mainly in the resort and just exploring it. On the day we arrived, it was already pretty late, so we went up to our hotel rooms and went out for dinner. The food was definitely better than in any other place I've stayed in. The main highlight of the trip was swimming and playing with dolphins. We spent the majority of the trip just relaxing and soaking up as much sun as we possibly could. We didn't get significantly tan though because some days the weather was cloudy and windy. Despite the weather, the trip was an absolutely amazing experience, and we even went downtown to explore the tru Bahamas. I'm back in Jersey and I'm getting ready for my first dance competition this weekend. I'm quite nervous but more excited to experience this competition with my new dance studio. The first two competitions are back to back, so I have another one after this weekend. But after, I'll get to take a breather and enjoy the sunny, spring days. Enjoy this picture of the Atlantis Royal Towers. ^

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