Summer Camp

Hi guys, I have quite a few things to fill you guys in on. It's halfway into summer, and it's been both fun and stressful. In this post, I'll talk about my recent camp experience. After school ended, I went to a two-week sleep away camp at Yale University in Connecticut. The first two days were rough. I got no sleep the first day, and the second day I only got 2 hours of sleep. It was also hard to adjust because I'm naturally so shy and timid, so on top of my unhealthy situation, I was also struggling to make friends. I was dreading this experience, all I remember was how much I just wanted to go home. Then the third day, my perspective changed. It wasn't such a bad day, and I felt a lot better that day, and I also was socially interactive with the people there. The next thing I knew, the first week was already over. Days of the second week went be really quick. There was a room called the buttery. I hated that room in the beginning because I couldn't socialize. Towards the end, the buttery became my favorite place. I also played a lot of ping pong and my skills improved so much. I stayed up so late with my dorm mates and we had so much fun in the nights. From hating camp, I started loving it so much. Then, the last day came, and I was so sad. Overall, this experience became significant and I developed many life skills for the future. I have a lot to update you guys on, so stay tuned! :)

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