Student Council and Peer Leadership

As well as participating in sports initiatives, I have also been elected as the official JBoard President for the high school. Each year, elections consist of teachers and students in a certain grade voting for who they believe will be the most eligible and apt to uphold a certain position. This year, I ran opposed to one other student, and since my votes surpassed hers, I became the J Board president, and now have the amazing opportunity and responsibility of handling private and serious matters within my high school community. One other thing that I’m very excited about is a well-known program called Peer Leadership. The Peer Leadership program provides seniors the opportunity to co-lead and build leadership skills to work with the rising freshmen and give them support and advice throughout the year. This program is highly selective in that the students' applications go through the entire staff at the school, and then through former peer leaders from the previous grade who have graduated. I fortunately made it through the application process, earning myself a spot in the program. I am so elated to get to know the freshmen and become a person to rely on and I cannot wait for the pre-peer retreat in August and then the actual one later on in the year with the freshmen! 


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