Spring Break Pt. 2

Hey guys! Unfortunately, today marks the end of spring break (technically Sunday marks the end). I enjoyed the last week of spring break, and actually became closer with a group of friends with whom I never realized I could bond so well. On Saturday, I had a sleepover with my friends and again met them yesterday. So all in all, my spring break was filled with so much fun. On Sunday, we are planning to meet our cousins and go celebrate my cousin's birthday at Top Golf. Despite the approaching hardships (testing, finals, grades, etc), I'm elated and grateful that I spent the two weeks rejuvenating my mind and soul and feel better prepared to grind and focus on my goals. 


Also, I forgot to mention that I attended a dance competition a few weeks ago in February before spring break. Above is a picture of our group and the venue. I really enjoyed this experience and am glad that we attended because I missed being up on a stage, it had nearly been a year since I last danced at a competition because of covid and quarantine. 

My life is starting to feel normal again because I'm becoming more and more preoccupied with things that keep me busy and productive. That's been pretty my life up until now, I will update you guys in a week or two! 

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