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Over this quarantine, many people received the time to start new hobbies that they never had the time or the will to go through with in the first place. Although the coronavirus pandemic has gone on for almost 8 months now,  it does not seem to be ending any time soon, especially now that the winter months are approaching. I have been fairly productive throughout the pandemic, but now I feel like I should start a new project. This new project is to set up Pi-Hole on our home wifi network. For anyone that does not know, Pi-Hole is, in the simplest terms, an adblocking solution that works on all devices connected to a single network. It is unlike traditional AdBlock in that while normal Adblock affects only the browser it is installed on, Pi-Hole is connected to the router and therefore blocks ads on all devices connected to the same network. If you want a better understanding of Pi-Hole, I recommend watching 2:20 - 4:00 in the linked video. I will post an update when I successfully get Pi-Hole working on our network, along with stats and anything else I find interesting.

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