For my next blog post I want to talk about a project that I've been working on for more than a year at the time when this point comes out. The project in question is a website, and it is called newTAB, available to visit at

The purpose of the website, in the simplest terms, is to allow users to make money passively by opening up new tabs. The way it works is when a user opens up new tabs, those tabs should redirect to the newTAB homepage, which has ads that make money by impressions. Each time a user sees an ad, newTAB earns some money from AdSense, which it shares with the user. The reason that I'm choosing to talk about the website now is that the website is ready to start handling larger amounts of users than it has been and pay out the money.

The website has many features, of which I will highlight two of in this blog post. My following blog post will cover more of the website's features. The first that I will go through is the statistics page. There are many large websites like DuckDuckGo that record and publish traffic statistics ( and we decided to do the same. All visitors can find newTAB's website statistics clicking Stats on the newTAB homepage or at the following link: On the stats page, you can find:
- Searches sorted by time (All Time, Today, This Week, This Month, This Year)
- Estimated Money Made/Donated
- Number of Searches by Search Engine
- Environmental Impact (My personal favorite section)
- Number of Searches by Search Engine in the Last 12 Months (graph)

Alongside the main newTAB stats page, there is another statistics page that shows all the user's individual statistics. They can see their stats at This page shows:
- Money Earned Lat 30 Days
- Tabs Opened Last 30 Days
- KGs of carbon sequestered through Ecosia
- Trees planted through Ecosia
- Money Raised for Charity
- Max Tabs Opened in a Day

Another one of my favorite features that newTAB has is the Campaign feature, which can be found at It is similar to Ecosia's university feature in that users can create their own campaigns and invite other people to join. These campaigns can then compete with each other in terms of natural, unbotted, verified tab-opens. Another main reason that I pushed for the campaign feature is so that schools, businesses, and non-profits can make all of their users join the same newTAB campaign, which, in large numbers, can provide as another source of income for the organization. The environmental impacts also are recorded by campaign, so organizations can see exactly how they benefited the environment by receiving updates either weekly or monthly.

That will be all for this blog post, but stay tuned because this is just the start of what newTAB has to give to its users. I am very happy with how the project turned out so far, and can't wait as it gets adopted by more and more people. If you decided that you want to join the website, you can do so at this link. See you next time!

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