May Dance Competition

Hey guys, it’s been a while! A lot has happened since I last wrote here, because life is starting to feel like the pre-covid life again. In March, I got fully vaccinated which allowed me to go out a lot more and experience all the joys and pleasures I had experienced prior to covid and the pandemic. One major thing I got to participate in recently was a dance competition in May. This competition was one of the harder competitions my studio has been to, called Starbound. Usually we would enter a group number, with 5-6 girls dancing to hip-hop choreography. However, since the group was not well prepared to perform, this time we entered a duo which included a girl younger than me who had recently joined, and myself. We danced to all of Beyonce’s best hits in under 3 minutes; I especially loved the choreography and the beats matched to our movements. We learnt this piece in about 3 weeks, which I personally think is commemorable because usually learning a dance takes 2-3 months, and perfecting it takes another month. The day of the competition, my anxiety skyrocketed. I was so nervous and distraught that I feared my mind would go blank on stage and I would forget the dance. When we arrived at the venue, we were met with two stage directors who told us we had 5 minutes till our performance. All I remember from those 5 minutes was how chaotic everything seemed at that moment before we went up on stage. Both my partner and I kept forgetting the dance steps as we rehearsed backstage. The next thing I knew, we were up on stage, performing the dance, owning the stage and gracing the audience with our presence. We didn’t miss one beat, and every move was executed with power and sass. When it was over I was so overwhelmed with joy and relief. We ended up winning a high gold award, which is the second best placement, and for a hard competition like Starbound, I am so glad and thankful for a high gold. My partner and I pulled it off with less rehearsal and practice time, and practically learnt the entire dance in under one week! This was definitely a significant and memorable event that has occurred in my life. 


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