Quarantine gave way to a lot of new experiences, equally good and bad. However, as time passed, I discovered the true meaning of the virtue of friendship and characteristically evolved in that sense. Along with cherishing my friendships, I learned to cherish family as well, and recognized the importance of a support system. As we grow older, we often hear the saying, communication is key, and we’ve been hearing it on a daily basis, without knowing how to apply it, how to recognize it. The reality of this quote is quite simple, but can have complex implications if not done properly. This past year, the art of communicating has been a valuable lesson, and despite some broken bonds, it overall resulted in beautiful lifelong friendships. I have always had a strong support system, and I am eternally grateful. Especially during a time of isolation, I found them to be my biggest comforts. Lastly, my happiest moments are with my dog, Ollie. He is the literal sunshine in my life, always smiling and wagging his tail playfully. Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and all the happy hormones exist instantly increase when I am with him, even if I’m in the worst mood possible or having the worst day. All in all, these are the purest gems of my life; the possessions that make my life sparkle.



*Above is a very cute picture of Ollie !!

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