GMCs + Prep B

Over the last few days my school's tennis team played in two major tournaments, the Greater Middlesex Conference and a smaller tournament attended by the state's various private schools. In GMCs, I was seeded, which meant that I was able to get a bye because the officials that came up with the matchups saw my record this season and decided that I was good enough to play later on. In my first match in this year's GMCs, I won 6-1 6-1 in a fairly quick match. I played hard and countered my opponent well, so I ended up with the match. Unfortunately, the next person that I was supposed to go against was the #1 seed, basically the best player in the GMCs in that position, and I lost pretty easily. The games were good, but in the end my opponent was much better.


3 days after the GMCs, our school was to play in the Prep Bs, which is a smaller version of the GMCs filled with much better tennis teams. I ended up facing a very hard opponent and lost the first game, but I ended up doing the best on my team because of the high level of all the other teams. I greatly enjoyed playing these matches and look forward to the upcoming matches left in this season as well as the ones in the next season, which will be my final year playing high school tennis.

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