GMC Championships

Last week our cross country team participated in the GMC Championships, which is basically a place where multiple schools, both public and private, compete to get first place. However, high school teams are separated into three categories, freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity. Because of those restrictions, out team technically wasn't allowed to compete, even though we had enough boys if they were to run together. The sophomores and juniors ran their own races, although not their best. None of them ended up getting their personal bests at the GMC's. The freshmen, on the other hand, performed greatly. All of the boys ended up getting their personal bests, each chopping off at least a minute off their times. I also ended up doing pretty well. I got my own personal best of 19:26, and got 14th place in the freshmen boys' race. My time was also under 20 minutes, so I am the fourth ever boy in Wardlaw-Hartridge history to ever get a time under 20 minutes. Because my record is so late in the season, it's highly unlikely that it can be beaten, which means it will be the fastest time in our whole team for the season. The season has been pretty fun, but it is pretty unfortunate that it is cut short for me. On Tuesday, I was admitted into the hospital and was later operated on for an inflamed appendix. The hours before the surgery were absolute torture, and I'm glad I never have to go through it ever again. I'm saying "again" because this is around the fifth or sixth time that I have had this, and every time the doctors would just recommend rest and painkillers. Anyways, back to Tuesday morning. I couldn't go to sleep at all that night, and then the pain really started hurting at around 12 a.m. Since I had gone through this before, I didn't think to act fast enough and ended up in a cycle of throwing up, hugging my stomach because of the pain, and trying to sleep for the next five hours. Finally, I decided to go wake my parents and tell them about the problem. They woke up and, unlike what I thought would happen, they decided to take me to the hospital to see what is going on. We got to the hospital and about 5-10 minutes, and I was given IV bags of water and painkiller. A few hours later, the doctors said that I had appendicitis, and would have to get operated as soon as possible. But, "as soon as possible" ended up taking another four hours, in which my mom also came to the hospital. Finally, I was taken into the operating room, put under anesthesia, and operated on. I woke up about an hour and a half later and was told that the surgery had taken about 45 minutes to complete. I thought that I would have had to spend the night at the hospital, but I ended up leaving at about 11 p.m. After the surgery day, I didn't even need to take painkillers. I don't know why that happened the way it did, but I'm not complaining given the endless stories on the internet about what other people's experiences were. In my case, the worst pain wasn't even from the surgery itself, it was because of the dehydration. The whole day I had nothing to drink because I would have thrown it up a few minutes later, but I still had IV bags of water. I still don't know why I was so dehydrated coming home, but I'm glad it wasn't anything more severe and it was pretty easy to fix. This week had nothing but huge events happen, and I am more than happy to get more or less back to normal life. Not everything will be similar, however. For the next 2-3 weeks, I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, strain myself too much, or in my opinion, the biggest blow, run anymore. Now I can only watch the races from the sidelines for basically the rest of the season. I'm not even going to risk anything because I don't want to end up wasting more time. Hopefully, this week is calmer than the last, and I just have a quick and easy recovery.

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