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Hey guys, it's Shreya. So remember when I told you guys I had two competitions which were back to back. Yeah, well that never happened. Apparently, we got scammed and we never went to that competition. The second and last competition of the season was from May 3-5. I'd say we did really good, and it was pretty successful. Before my solo, I had so much anxiety and I was so nervous but I went up and did it. When I was sitting in the audience with my team, we were watching senior solos. I was thinking about what story I'd tell through dance as a senior. Would it be sad, happy, fearful, scary..? I still have time to think though. I'm sad we only had two competitions of the season, but I'm still glad because we did amazing for both of them. On another topic, I can't believe the school year is almost over. It went by insanely fast. I'm nervous for finals but I'm so so excited for summer. The next time I'll be writing on here is when summer will begin. Wish me luck for the last month of being a freshman!!

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