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Hello! My name is Aarush. Just this Saturday, on September 9th, my school\\\'s cross country team had its first invitational meet. However, since we don\\\'t have enough people to officially compete yet (5 people at least), our team couldn\\\'t show up in the standings, but our individual scores were still recorded. My time ended up being my personal best for a 5k, 20:28, while other people on my team also ended up getting their own bests, with times (going fastest to slowest), 21:51, 22:21, and 22:39. In the Newark Academy Invitational, the top 10 runners each get a medal. Both I and the second fastest runner for our team, Alex, got medals. I came in at 4th place and Alex came in at 10th. Attached to this post is a picture, where I put the medal from the race. My sister, Shreya, also ran at the meet, and you can see her post on the experience somewhere on this website. Personally, I am very happy since this is only the start of the season and the team can only get better from here on out. I\\\'m also excited to see where we stand when we are actually able to compete, which will be starting later next week when three more runners will be allowed to participate in the races. Thanks for reading!

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