College Visits Pt. 1

The official grind going into the summer as a rising senior is almost about to begin, and I am very optimistic yet anxious. In preparation for senior year, my family and I traveled to a few college campuses to see if they are to my liking, and suitable to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. Yesterday, we visited George Washington University and I was captivated by the campus’s charm as it was spacious and provided a downtown city-like area. We took a long stroll around the campus, dragging my dog Ollie along with us. If we were to come here again, Ollie would recognize this place as he was sniffing every inch of the campus to familiarize himself and take in all the unique scents of the university. I would love to be here every day and spend my time enjoying the scenery and all that they have to offer; I would go for a run every morning, and go to their beautiful park (which we also visited yesterday) as an outing to spend the evening with my college friends. All in all, this place is filled with ample entertainment spots and educational facilities and seems like an amazing match for me!

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