Cheer and XC Captain

As senior year is approaching, we start to earn certain privileges that make us become the unique individuals we are, and earning the privilege of leading a sports team is one that takes discipline and integrity. For the upcoming sports seasons, I am the girl’s cross country team captain as well as the varsity cheer captain. In junior year, my cheer season lasted roughly a month due to Covid, but we still prepared very well for the State Nationals. Unfortunately, I could not participate in the State Nationals which was the last week of cheer because my family member had fallen sick. I was upset because I could not be with the team and perform with them, after all the long hours we spent practicing and perfecting the routine. However, my team rearranged the whole routine within the last week, and it still looked amazing and well-prepared. A few weeks after the cheer season ended, my coaches held a meeting and they announced the captains for the next season. I had a gut feeling that I may have had a slight chance to become captain, since I’ve been cheering for a while now and have been consecutively placed in the varsity team. And so, during the meeting they announced that my teammate Rose and I will be the upcoming captains for the Varsity and Game Cheer teams. I was so excited when I heard my name and I just remembered I couldn’t stop smiling. For the fall season, I will also be the girl’s cross country team captain with a few girls running in my team. I’m very excited for both seasons and I cannot wait to enhance my leadership abilities.

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